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PKH Klasic Khreme



Our senior stallion is PKH Klasic Khreme aka K’Cee. He is 31/32 Arabian Pinto. 
That makes him over 96% Arabian by blood and double registered, IAHA, PtHA. K’Cee himself has that “Klasic Arabian Type” that he passes on to his foals. Only a few have been shown but every time out they have placed in the ribbons. K’Cee is a multi-Halter and Perfomance Champion and has earned his ROM in Western Pleasure. And it is no wonder he comes from the rich heritage of *Bask, Khemosabi and Zarabo. His sire and dam have also won several championships. So whether you get a Pinto or a solid colored foal you come up with a gorgeous foal with that show off look at me attitude and great dispositon to match.


$600 LFCG. If you get a solid colored foal you can breed back for free.

If booked before May 1st of 2003, we are offering a $100 discount.

Two Pinto K’Cee grandsons for sale out of K’Cee daughters.

Saud El Warsaw 

Saud El Warsaw is a breathtaking 16H TRUE Homozygous black Arabian. Few can resist the lure of the black Arabian. Eagerly sought, hard to acquire, they are among the rarest of the breed. Combining the beauty and elegance of the Egyptian Arabian on his sires side and the strength and athletic ability of the Polish lines on his dams side, the black stallion…… Saud  El Warsaw is ready to work some “black magic” for you.  

Saud El Warsaws’ sire is the black straight Egyptian, Saud El Ameer, whose foals have been exported from the country and have won many halter and performance championships. Saud El Ameer is qualified as Blue List, Al Khamsa and Sheykh Obeyd. He no longer stands at public stud.  

Sauds’ dam is the pure Polish mare, Moonstruckk, who comes fom some great racing bloodstock with alot of performance champions. Moonstruckk was only bred to Saud El Ameer this one time so Saud El Warsaw is truly one of a kind. Saud was in training with Mike Grimm of Mike Grimm Training at Sherwood Arabian Farm. His first year under saddle in 99 saw him become a Country English Pleasure Champion at the WAHA August Show. And this was only the beginning!   

Saud started the 2000 show season winning the Country English Pleasure Open class in Iowa at the Spring Show. He then went on to become the Egyptian Event Country English Pleasure Champion in Kentucky. And in his first debut in Show Hack he placed 3rd in the Championship! He took a month off for breeding obligations then went to the WISH’S Show in Madison and won both the Open and Championship classes for Country English Pleasure. He ended the show season winning the Show Hack class at the MAAB Festival in Madison.  

In 2001 he took the summer off going back in training the end of August and went to the MAAB festival in Madison to win his Country English Pleasure class. In 2002 with Mike Grimm leaving the training “arena” we had not found a new trainer so decided to lay low for awhile taking the summer off from showing. We rode in the local 4th of July Parade which was 1 1/2 hours long. He was extraordinay. Even with the firecrackers going off! As fate and luck would have it in July I found someone to come out to the farm to give me saddleseat lessons on Saud. I have never shown saddleseat so this was no easy task for the trainer! Her name is Alica Witzke of Black Wolf Morgan Farm, and she has been incredibly encouraging. She too was working with Saud to “figure” him out and they looked beautiful together. We again headed down to the MAAB festival in September and Saud and Alecia placed a very respective 3rd. We then decided to head down to the Morab Nationals with every intention of my showing my first time in Amateur. I had a blast! Saud was awesome. Between the two of us we garnered 1 second, 2 thirds, 1 fourth, & 2 sixths. Never out of the ribbons! I was ecstatic. I did not win but I had fun! I can’t wait till 2003.

As you can see Saud is big, bold, beautiful…and BLACK. He has a long high-set neck, lean body, long correct legs and a superb natural ability to trot. He has that playful, pet me disposition we so love in our Arabians. This is one of the things we breed for. The ultimate Arabian that is beautiful and correct enough to be a halter champion, athletic enough to be a performance champion and kind enough to be your best friend. Color is always the added bonus. Misty Morning Arabians is where the quality goes in before the color goes out.  

Thus far Saud has been passing on that “pick your pockets” kind of disposition to his foals with long necks,  LOTS of size and motion. And 50% have been black out of various colored mares. Saud has been DNA tested homozygous black as well.  We have one purebred colt for sale. We also have a Pinto foal due and a black purebred foal due in 2003. He is nominated MAAB, and Breeders Sweepstakes.

Inquire about our multiple mare or book early discounts.
$850/$550 – SCID clear. This includes the MAAB nomination.


 jaden jaden2

Our new stallion is Nightwinds Jaden who just arrived late in the fall of 2002. He is over 67% Arabian by blood and  is a homozygous Pinto & homozygous black!  Which means he will ALWAYS produce Pinto and never produce a chestnut. Nothing like that kind of a guarantee!!!  Jaden stands at 14.3H and is very correct in conformation.Well built and well bred. The Arab side of his pedigree is full of some fine bloodlines such as *Aladdinn, *Bask, *Adhem, Ferzon, *Raffles, Niga, *Fadl and Alaa El Din. THEN you have  just a little Quarter Horse thrown in for fun like Hank A Chief and Miss Josie West. And last but not least some Pinto Pony breeding added for that touch of cuteness such as RF Rambo who has had over 42 Halter Championships himself including National Ch. in Halter & Color & a World Ch. Well just look at that pedigree!!!! Roll all that into one package and you have many different avenues you can pursue on breeding options. He would be an excellent cross with just about any breed and truly an addition to all breeding programs. AND you are guaranteed the color as an added bonus. Jaden has beautiful huntseat motion with a very willing attitude. He has just turned 3 and this is his first year at public stud. So don’t miss out! His book is limited and will fill quickly. Let Jaden put some color in your barn!!!

Shastas Destiny AHRA
OK Tulsa PtHA  
Nightwinds Rahjetta PtHA Colton Joe West PtHA Roxies Sports Model PtHA
Precious Princess APHA
Marajaah AHRA Amir El Adhem, AHRA
Rashaney AHRA

 Jaden’s introductory stud fee is $550 LFCG.
If booked before May 1st of 2003 we are offering a $100 discount.

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